Tonya Tours Alabama: Bennett's Archery in Wetumpka

Nestled by off the beaten path, the course is set for fun at Bennett's Archery.

Summer Lewis spends a lot of time out here; her grandfather's the owner.

She says archery's a sport that most anyone can enjoy. She says, "It's real fun to take up as a sport. The crowds get pretty large here and most people bring a friend along with them."

Mike Bennett runs the place with his wife Barbara. It truly is a family business.

Bennett says his son takes care of the place and helps teach archery.

There are lots of ways to play out here. You can play outside on the range, or inside. There's the practice wall, good for when the weather's bad.

Jamie Murchison has been shooting for about five years now, and says he doesn't mind a little ribbing when he's not quite on the mark. "It's all in fun", he says, while sharing and just having a good time.

There's also the computerized techno hunt. It actually computes your scores.

This is what a competitive group of archers called "The League" uses to try their hand at winning cash, prizes and bragging rights every Wednesday.

If you'd like to venture out, the 3-D course through the woods might be just what you're looking for.

I know you didn't expect me to just sit around and watch. I had to give it a try. So Mike Bennett helped me get ready for my first shot with a bow and arrow.

So the next time you're in the Wetumpka area, take a turn off the beaten path.

You might like what you find at Bennett's Archery.

With broadview media, I'm Tonya Terry touring Alabama.