South Alabama Family Has Connection to Virginia Tech

When Kate Bush learned of the Virginia Tech shootings, her thoughts immediately turned to her grandchildren.  She says,  "I had an experience I'll never forget."

Grandchildren Courtney and Rob are students at Virginia Tech.  Rob's an engineering major.  He was in a building close to where the second shooting happened. "I was tense, nervous, scared," says Bush.

She did the only thing she knew to do - pray. "When you hear something dangerous, you go to your knees and ask god's blessing," she says.

Fortunately, Rob and Courtney are okay. She called Courtney. They chatted and exchanged "I love you's."  Then, Rob called.  She says, "I could tell he was depressed.  I said, 'where are you?' He said, I'm giving blood."

While she rejoices that her grandchildren are safe, she also hurts. She knows other families are mourning the loss of their loved ones.   "To those who lost their children... I can't talk about it. It's just heartbreaking," Bush said.

Bush says Rob and Courtney lived in Andalusia when they were young. She says they come back to Alabama every summer to visit.  Monday, several people called to check on Rob and Courtney.  Fortunately, she was able to share the good news.  Bush says, when Rob and Courtney come home this summer, this first thing she'll do is give them a big hug.