Streets of Speed Takes on Red Light Runners At Eastchase

How many times has this happened to you.  You're sitting at a red light, you're light turns green, but people just keep on running the red light so you can't go.    "It's a bad problem all over town," said Cap. John McCall from the Montgomery Police Department.  "The yellow light doesn't mean hurry up and make it through the light, it means slow down and get ready to stop."

We set up outside The Shoppes at Eastchase in Montgomery.  As drivers get off the interstate and turn into the shopping center it's hard to not see someone running a red light.

Montgomery's traffic engineer can monitor this intersection from his office.   "In the U.S. Alabama is the 5th worst state in the union, and Montgomery is the 3rd worst city in Alabama," said Montgomery traffic engineer Bubba Bowden.     "We had 31 deaths that I know of in the last 6 years, due to red light running."   His surveillance cameras are up on poles near major intersections in Montgomery, but these are not red light cameras.   Soon Montgomery will have the red light cameras up and working.   As soon as the light turns red it will take several pictures of your car as it goes through the intersection, and it will have a picture of your license plate too.

"I think when we first get them (the red light cameras) a lot of tickets will go out," said Cap. McCall.   He says the goal isn't to give out more tickets, but to keep our city safe.  "Better to be late to that meeting than never make it at all."

The red light cameras should be up and running in the next 4-6 months.