Science Teacher is a Class Act

Dwight Jinright's teaching responsibilities at Loveless Academic Magnet Program (LAMP) are just the tip of why people feel he's special. He also sponsors a bunch of student clubs. 11th grader Meghan Gunn says, "he's always there for anything we ever want to do and he helps us think of ideas, like we went to a nursing home one day, he helps us think of ideas of things to do when we go to these places and for our programs."

Jinright is the head of LAMP's science department. He teaches AP physics and two AP chemistry classes. They're tough courses, but students say they succeed because of his instruction. "The way he does it, telling stories and relating it real life applications kind of thing," says 11th grader Keith Woernle.

Jinright's dedication to the school began back when he was a student at LAMP. Now it extends to the school's new science lab. Principal Veverly Arrington says, "Mr. Jinright met with an architect and did a lot of research and sat down and designed a state-of-the-art lab that would meet the needs of our kids, that we've even had college professors wish that they had."

The countless hours he spends with school clubs and preparing for class he says are worth it, especially when former students deliver a similar message. "'We did so much more in here in your class than we're doing in our first two or three quarters of general chemistry in college; and I've got people sitting next to me in college that are failing and they can't understand how I know this stuff.' And that's the biggest reward to me," says Jinright.

He is the sponsor of this year's senior class, the science team, the physics team and science bowl; and helps promote community service by leading the heritage club.