Tonya Tours Alabama: Shade Tree Riding Stables in Millbrook

Whether a leisurely ride through the woods is your thing, or maybe barrel racing's more your speed, they've got it all right here at Shade Tree Riding Stables in Millbrook, Alabama.

Owner Bob Phillips turned a hobby into this business.

Phillips says the ladies really love to learn to ride. In fact, female customers account for about 80 percent of his business They also start young.

Summer Marks has been riding horses since she was 8 years old.

Barrel racing's her favorite. Even though it's hard work, she just makes it look easy.

Still, it's intimidating for someone who's never been on a horse before.

Peggy Watt is the trainer at Shade Tree. She can tell you everything you need to know about horses, but her first lesson is always about SAFETY.

Now I'm ready for my first ride.

I learn how to communicate with my horse SASSY including how to tell her when I want to go this way or that way

It's nice out here at Shade Tree. You can ride a few minutes, or hours, or you can send the kids to camp out here and even have birthday parties!

In Millbrook, I'm Tonya Terry with Broadview Media, touring Alabama.