Pike Road Man Dreams Big; Makes Run For The White House

Dennis who?

"Every now and then I get a chuckle."

But it's no joke. Meet Dennis Dragotta. A Pike Road man running for President.

"I was on a local radio show and some guy didn't like what I had to say and said if you think you can do better then run for president. I've opted to do this," said Dragotta.

And so we found Dragotta being interviewed by the local media at the steps of the Alabama Capitol. He's 54 years old. His family moved to Montgomery when he was a child. A graduate of Troy University, Dragotta says he has two Master's degrees and works as a contractor for the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

Standing in the shadow of the state capitol, Dennis Dragotta is running as an Independent and has already formulated a platform.

"Our government is a total failure. I watched the Pat Tillman hearings this morning. The military lied to the family, lied to the United States. We need to stop the insanity in Iraq. There is no integrity in government," Dragotta said.

Before he can appear on the presidential ballot in Alabama, Alabama law requires that he turn in a petition with the signatures of 5,000 qualified voters. He's half-way there but a long way from the White House. Dragotta says 17 other states will accept electronic signatures from his website. Alabama is not among them.

"As long as as I have support I will continue to do this. My website is www.dragottain08.com" he said.

Much like his website Dragotta's campaign is still under construction. He makes no prediction on how he'll do in '08, but he makes this promise.

"If I get the job, I'll take it," Dragotta said.

Dennis Dragotta takes his campaign to the Gulf Coast this weekend.