Update: Lowndes County Manhunt Suspects Charged

New information is coming out Friday in the case of two suspects involved in a Lowndes County car chase. Officials at the Lowndes County Sheriff's Department have officially charged the pair with four counts of attempted murder, theft, and robbery.

While officials do not consider the two to be a flight risk, Sheriff Willie Vaughner tells WSFA that bond will most likely be set at $500,000 apiece.

The suspects are identified as Trisha Drake and Dakarai Johnson from Opelika.

On Thursday Billy McCurdy says his wife and daughter came home to find two strangers, a man and a woman, coming out of their house.

The mother and daughter followed the suspects when they made their getaway. Along the way, they called McCurdy who joined the pursuit.

He says the suspects fired several shots at him and his family. "I had my helper in the car. If it had been a few inches lower, it would have hit him in the head," he says.

The suspects ditched the car in a field.  State troopers, and units from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and the Montgomery Police Department joined Lowndes County in the search. "We have a brotherhood in law enforcement," says Lowndes County Sheriff Willie Vaughner.

The officers found the suspects crouched beneath a tree near their car. Inside the car, investigators found a rifle which McCurdy believes is his. He says it was ironic that the suspects used his gun to try to shoot him and his family. "I hope they go to jail for a long time," says McCurdy.

Drake and Johnson are in the Lowndes County Jail.