General Information About Daytona International Speedway

Location:  Daytona Beach, FL

Shape: Oval

Distance: 2.5 miles

Banking, Turns: 31 degrees

Front Straight: 3,800 ft.

Banking,Tri-Oval: 18 degrees

Back Straight: 3,400 ft.

Banking, Back Straight: 3 degrees

Pit Road: 1,600 ft.

Daytona International Speedway is on property that covers approximately 480 acres including the track site, offices, and parking areas. The infield comprises 180 acres including 44-acre Lake Lloyd. The track has approximately 168,000 permanent grandstand seats and additional spectators are permitted to view race events from the infield. The Speedway is the largest sporting arena in the south-east. The garage area can accommodate 164 race cars in covered garages.

The road course at Daytona International Speedway is 3.56- miles long and the tri-oval is 2.5-miles long. The famed “high banks” are 31 degrees. The Speedway’s Superstretch measures 3,000 feet while its Frontstretch has a total length of 3,800 feet. Pit road is 1,600 feet long. In 1998 Musco Lighting, Inc. transformed Daytona  International Speedway into the largest lighted sports complex in the world. The project required 1,835 light fixtures, 191 poles, 150 miles of wire, 800 tons of concrete and 2,600 square feet of mirrors.