Tonya Tours Alabama: WildLife Museum in Wetumpka

It's an opportunity to see animals from all over the world, and you can get as close as you want and never have to worry about a surprise attack.

There are over 1,100 animals featured in Al Holmes' Wildlife Museum.

Holmes says, " Well, we've been in business about 45 years. We mount, we recreate specims from hunting and pets...for people all over the world. "

That's why you can find all kinds of creatures at the complex, from the largest to the smallest.

The animals range from common species found just about anywhere you go in our part of the state to exotic types you'd have to go halfway around the world to find in their natural habitat. And, you would never get to see them up close like this.

Al holmes wildlife museum is listed among the top 20 exhibits of this kind in the country.

And, when you consider that they do work here for people all over the world, you realize this museum represents a global business.

Holmes says he wouldn't rather be doing anything else, " You do what you want to when you want to, go any place you want, and meet a lot of facinating people "

It's this type of work that allows the museum to help make some little ones dreams come true."

Holmes works with Safari Club International to grant wishes for terminally ill children.

The owner says his place is a favorite for all kids, and adults who seem to act more like kids when they're here.

"Most of the kids really are nice," he says ,though, "adults do more touching than the kids."

So take a walk on the wild side in Wetumpka.

To find out more about Al Holmes' Wildlife Museum just call 567-7966.

With Broadview Media...I'm Tonya Terry, Touring Alabama.