Sen. Richard Shelby's Statement On President's Veto

The following statement was sent to WSFA 12 News by Republican Alabama Senator Richard Shelby in response to the President's veto of Iraq funding bill. The President said he would not support any bill that had a timetable for withdrawal, Democrats are pushing for one.

"I welcome the veto.  I voted against the Supplemental for the same reason President Bush is going to veto it - it ties vital military funding for our armed forces to an arbitrary date of withdrawal," said Senator Shelby.  "Our servicemembers need the time to succeed and the support of the people who sent them into this war, not partisan politics.  Our troops have not been defeated on the battlefield, so why should we surrender?  This war is a test of wills and we must give our armed forces the opportunity to win." Richard Shelby

WSFA 12 News tried to get a response from Democrat Congressman Artur Davis of Alabama, but as of Tuesday night we were unable to do so.