Elba Man Faces Shocking Allegations Of Child Abuse

617 Putnam Street in Elba.. the scene of a savage beating, according to Elba investigator Andy Gunter.

"I think he just snapped," said Gunter.

Elba police say they have charged 21-year old Quinton Caldwell with 'willful torture, child abuse and aggravated child abuse.' WSFA 12 News has learned Caldwell used his fists to beat his twin daughters, both not even 3 months old.

"The babies were crying and he apparently had been under stress because he's having trouble finding a job," said Gunter.

The mother of Caldwell's two babies declined to do an interview but Shannon Isley gave WSFA 12 News a verbal statement off camera. Isley says she was 'trying to get out of the relationship.' Isley also claims she thought she 'could trust Caldwell with the babies,' and added, when the alleged beating occurred, 'she was out looking for a job.'

For the moment, Quinton Caldwell is in the Coffee County jail. His bond has been set at $220,000. If he wants to make bond, Caldwell will have to come up with $20,000 in cash.

A grandmother of the two infants noticed something wrong when she picked them up to babysit. The babies were flown to Children's Hospital in Birmingham for treatment. They're now in the hands of the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

Coffee County jail officials declined to allow 12 News to get Caldwell's side of the story and it's not clear whether he's hired an attorney.