COPY-New Law Could Stop Criminals From Selling Artwork

Mary Kate Gach chokes on her tears, "I don't want any body to forget her....."

Although 15 years have passed since the murder of her 21 year old daughter Stephanie, Mary Kate still bears the wounds of loss, "I can't go there...when I'm talking about her. It's bad enough that i know that they're there."

She's talking about alleged artwork on the internet describing the gruesome slaying of her only child, by the man who killed her.

Alabama Attorney General, Troy King says, "Demented essays written by traywick providing graphic descriptions about his crimes ....advice on how to commit rape and murder."

But there is a move to curb such postings. While they can't fight freedom of speech, profit is another issue.

House bill 424, stopping that profit, passed the Alabama house and is headed for the senate.

Representative  Cam Ward sponsored the bill in the house, "I think this is a victory for the victims and their families. It says we as a state are no longer going to allow hurt and the profit that goes along with those profits."

Decorum prevents us from showing your the websites or what's on them. But know this.....the gory details are like salt on the open wounds of grieving families."

Mary Kate says there is no closure but she wants everyone to remember the girl who loved people, animals, and was getting into college politics. She says the most she can hope for now is a degree of peace, "If it goes through it will protect other people like me and they won't have to go through what i've gone through, hopefully."

Reporter:  Ashley Anderson