'Emotional' Graduation Ahead For Enterprise High School Seniors

At their temporary school a few miles away from their old high school seniors like Meghan Parks are learning a lesson that can't be scribbled on a blackboard.

"When tragic things happen, you can't let it stop you too much. You need to look forward and get on with your life," said Parks.

Looking ahead and moving on.

"We're settling down," said Enterprise High School Principal Rick Rainer.

Settling down more than 9 weeks after a giant tornado killed 8 students and destroyed most of their high school. Right now students are attending classes at the Enterprise-Ozark Community College in Enterprise. The storm also scored a crushing blow on the school's old football stadium yet seniors will graduate on the field May 31, graduate in the shadow of what used to be their high school.

"That was a healing to me to be able to tell them we were going to graduate there," said Rainer.

A healing considering what Greensburg, Kansas, is going through. At least 9 dead, 95% of the town reportedly wiped away. Back in Enterprise at least seniors like Meghan have something to look forward to.

"It'll be very emotional but I wouldn't have it any other way," she said.

Rainer added "We'll never forget what happened. It'll always be in our hearts and on our minds."

The Enterprise City school board has already voted to rebuild Enterprise High School but at a different location less than a mile away from the original site.

Enterprise, Alabama, and Greensburg, Kansas; the latter in shambles, the former proving there is hope after the storm clouds pass.