Editorial: Feedback

Recent editorials drew pointed viewer response:

On the need to better great visitors to Montgomery with improved taxi service and a welcome center, Robert Lowry from Montgomery e-mailed: "A welcome center would be great. It would give people something to do to take their minds off the interminable wait for their luggage."

On two-year colleges, Levonia Wells responded: "Keep reporting on the corruption in the system, because we really appreciate it."

On transportation, James Cartwright e-mailed: "I have seen roads in Alabama re-surfaced, then six to twelve months later, they are back patching the road.  The taxpayers are paying for state inspectors to check and make sure the contractors are doing their job right."

On increasing the funding to make Alabama's top rated prekindergarten program available to more people, Sherry Fuller from Butler County wrote: "Pre-K is not available here in Georgiana. It sure would help to have a pre-k here and I believe a lot of parents would support it."

And regarding the Alabama Legislature, a viewer responded: "Our legislature is a disgrace to our state.  Alabamians should vote them all out in four years!"

Please keep your feedback coming.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas and concerns!