Tonya Tours Alabama: Huntsville Botanical Gardens

Do you want to escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or just tune the world out and just relax and be one with nature?

One of the best places to do that is a car ride away in Huntsville at the botanical garden.

This place is full of calming sights and sounds like babbling brooks and quiet pathways.

It's perfect for a day of serenity.

So many things draw you in.

Krista Olinger, a botanical garden member, just likes to get out and see the pretty flowers.

Even though her twin daughters are too young to enjoy the same things about the garden as their mom, she knows that as they grow so will their appreciation for what the garden has to offer.

Children really love it here. You can find them jumping across the water scultures or riding in the wagons.

And you'll even catch them watching the famous train on its never ending trip around a perfectly landscaped track.

The little locomotive is nothing short of entrancing as it makes it hard for folks who stop by to walk on by.

The beauty continues at the butterfly house.

It's the largest seasonal butterfly house in the nation.

It's full of all types of butterflies and the flowers and plants that help them thrive.

Turtles sun hemselves on rocks, frogs croak, and the rush of a waterfall make for a peaceful pause in the day.

The garden is nothing if not popular.

Since its beginnings in 1988 over 250,000 people every year have come to visit, and they don't come alone.

Parents and grandparents bring the kids, students come for field trips, and co-workers meet here for lunch.

It's too pretty not to share it.

Claudia Giebel is an avid visitor of the gardens and shows. "Whenever we have guests, which is about five to seven times a year, they come over from Germany, I always take them here, it's a wonderful place to go," she boasts.

Naturally beautiful, and just a few short miles away, it's easy to see why the Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel named the Huntsville Botanical Garden the 2006 tourist attraction of the year!

In the Rocket City with Broadview Media, I'm Tonya Terry touring Alabama.