Pike County Student Allegedly Threatens to Kill Classmates

Officials say the student used myspace.com to publish his hit list. "My son's name was on that list," said Kenneth Oaks.

Oaks, the father of one of the students on the list, says the school notified him and the other parents about the threats.  In the wake of Virginia Tech, he thinks about what might have happened had authorities not stepped in. "It makes you feel real uneasy," says Oaks.

Authorities arrested the student. The school suspended him pending a hearing. Oaks says he's thankful the school did everything it could to keep his child out of harms way. He says, "They didn't waste time. They made us feel safe knowing they were protecting our children."

Superintendent Doctor Mark Bazzell released a statement. It reads: "I must say that I am most proud of our community, students, and faculty and their willingness to come forward so that all threats, real or perceived, can be investigated quickly and thoroughly."

The student is in a juvenile detention facility charged with making a terrorist threat.