Louisiana Governor Concedes Defeat

In any competition there will be a winner and a loser.

After the much sought after steel company, ThyssenKrupp, announced that Alabama would be home to it's new plant, officials in Lousiana bowed out gracefully.

Governor Kathleen Blanco held a press conference earlier today in which she conceded that Alabama was the winner.

"As I've often said, they [Alabama] were tough competitors," she said.

Refering to a number of high profile companies in the past few years that have located in Alabama, Governor Blanco went on to say, "They have won the big ones in the past, so they've walked the walk."

Still, even though Blanco's state lost out on the multi-billion dollar deal, she says they have learned some great lessons.

"We made a strong sales pitch. As the company came into the final round of decision making, Louisiana was one of only two states still standing." She called the experience extraordinary.

With symbolism reminisent to the great American game of baseball, the game isn't over for the state of Louisiana.

"We went to the major leagues," Blanco proclaimed, "and we proved that Louisiana can compete on a project, for any project on the horizon.