"What Happens Now That Summer's Here?"

"What Happens Now That Summer's Here?"

By Rose McCall

In a matter of days our children will be graduating from schools - Elementary, Junior High, High School and College, with no clue as to what lies ahead of them. Some are ready with Summer jobs or will get a head start on next year by attending summer programs, but many will occupy their time by playing video games, hanging out with friends or lounging around at home.

Don't let this time away from the books be a "Time off". Instead, make it a "Starting Point" for the rest of your lives. Parents, invest in a program that exercises the mind of not only your child but yours as well. Dance, music, art, and travel are all good ways to expand our horizons. "Learn something new every day" was my mother's favorite phrase.

Students, add to your mental and emotional growth by getting smarter through extra study. Use the library, go to the Museums, create a journal and write. READ MORE OFTEN.

It never hurts to grow. It's what we don't do that hurts our chances in the future! Have a great summer!