Tonya Tours Alabama: Constitution Village in Huntsville

Nestled in the heart of a bustling downtown Huntsville is a place that takes you back to the beginnings of the state of Alabama.

That place is Constitution Village, and it's built on the site where Alabama became a state back in 1819.

As you walk through the picket fences your transported back to the way things were at the turn of the 19th century.

Bart Williams is the director of the Early Works Museum Complex.

He says all of our interpreters are tour guides dressed in costume. So the blacksmith shop is open and you'll also smell fresh baked bread and products and things like that around.

Stay here a few hours and you'll almost forget that nearly 200 years have passed since Alabamians lived like this.

And you can get a feel for what it was like back then. In fact, the folks here encourage it.

Bart says ," We don't do anything unless you can get involved. There will be candle making or basket weaving, and if you're a visitor here you can take part."

It takes a village to make things run smoothly around here. There are 70 to 80 part-timers and 20 full-time employees.

Constitution Village is a great place to learn about  history, not just the history of Huntsville or Alabama, but the entire country for that matter.

This place is a top tourist attraction and a favorite with teachers and their students.

There are grade-specific programs and study guides are available to use in preparation for field trips.

Constitution village was built to capture early Alabama's history and spirit.

This is hallowed ground and should be near the top of your list of the state's must-see attractions.

Bart adds," It's a good place to start if you want to chronologically do Alabama because this is where it began."

You'll learn so much about Alabama's history, how it became the 22nd state, and how Alabamians just like you lived back in the 1800's.

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Traveling back in time with Broadview Media, I'm Tonya Terry Touring Alabama