Car-Carrier Loses Car On Interstate 85 North In Montgomery

Truck driver Arthur Absher was in no mood to talk, still shaken by what had happened a mile or so back on Interstate 85 near the Union Street exit.

That's where he somehow lost one of the 6 vehicles he was carrying right in the middle of I-85.

"The car flew out and struck a red Ford 150 pick-up," said Captain Huey Thornton of the Montgomery Police Department.

Incredibly, the driver of the pick up truck, Lynn Behrend, suffered only minor injuries. Behrend was entrapped but firefighters were able to free him.  Shortly after Absher pulled over, he was thoroughly questioned and his trailer looked over by police and a state trooper.

"In order to charge someone with a crime, you have to have negligence or intent and those just don't exit in this case," Thornton said.

Police say Absher runs his own transportation business in Hanceville, Alabama. As of this report, investigators still don't know why this happened.

"We're going to write it up as an accident," Thornton said.

While this appears to have been an unavoidable accident, a reminder from Captain Thornton.

"We encourage motorists to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you so if something does happen, you'll have enough room to take evasive action," Thornton said.

Arthur Absher later told us by phone the car had 3 chains on it. He doesn't know why this happened. In his words, the chains 'just fell off.' Absher tells WSFA 12 News the car that fell out was a wrecked vehicle and he was on his way to a Birmingham junkyard.