Women's Health Week: Medical Mistakes

This is "National Women's Health Week", Designed to raise awareness and educate women about some of today's most serious health issues.

On Alabama Live this week we'll focus on a different topic each day.

Monday its all about medical mistakes.

Imagine going in for surgery and waking up to find out you had the wrong operation or the wrong medicine.

The government estimates 98,000 people die every year from medical mistakes.

Many of them could have been avoided by simply knowing how to communicate with your doctor.

Recently, the federal government kicked off a campaign to help make sure it doesn't happen to you.

The campaign's name is: "Questions are the Answer."

View the video segment from today's show to find answers to questions like these:

1. What kind of questions should you be asking?

2. What should you be telling your doctor?

3. How do you prevent disasters like having instruments left inside you from happening?

4. How important is it to have an advocate by your side?

5. How can you tell if something is normal after care? Pain vs. something you need to be concerned about?