Editorial: Impasse In the Legislature

We probably need more women senators in the legislature.

Some believe if there were, the state senate stalemate would end.

The issues causing the impasse are valid: rules changes that concentrate power with the Senate's leadership and may lead to budgets passing without enough debate and redistricting to make  it easier for the majority Democrats to stay in power.

But it appears ego, settling personal scores and a win or lose battle focus are part of the problem - and perhaps women leaders would resolve the disputes quickly and amicably.

Whatever the answer, it is time to earn the pay raise the senators have given themselves.

Show more leadership.  Meet half way.

The house has passed hundreds of bills this session.  The senate - not even a dozen.   And there are just a handful of days left.

You came together to pass your pay raise.

Now come together and pass legislation to serve the people who elected you.

State and public education employees want raises too.

School children and their parents want a bond issue to improve their educational experience.

Ethics and tax reform would help all of us.

Show us you've earned your pay raise.