Tonya Tours Alabama: EarlyWorks Museum in Huntsville

At the EarlyWorks Museum in Huntsville, children learn by doing things as soon as the big red doors swing open.

A talking clock greets you and every exhibit tempts you to touch.

Inside this place that's just fine. Bart Williams works at the EarlyWorks Museum complex says they are not just are they allowed to touch, but play and pretend.

This is the south's largest hands-on history museum and it was designed by Alabama teachers.

"We asked what do we need...a chapter of alabama social studies books."

It's all about the kids here with an emphasis on parental involvement.

They want mom and dad to be a part of the experience,and who can resist all of this!

"It doesn't matter when you walk through...that means they're learning."

Its almost never the same museum twice because new exhibits are being added all the time.

There is a story telling clock, the 46 foot keel boat, and lots of 19th century clothes to play dress-up.

Come see how much fun hands-on can be at the EarlyWorks Museum in Huntsville

With Broadview Media I'm Tonya Terry touring Alabama.