Smoke From Southeast Wildfires Spreads to Alabama

Folks from Dothan to Decatur are talkinga bout an unwelcome by-product of the wildfires in Southeast Georgia- the smoke. The national weather service said visibility in Montgomery was less than two miles Wednesday morning.

The conditions are so bad that folks report smelling it inside their homes and offices.

Chief Meteorologist Rich Thomas said clockwise winds from a high pressure center over the Southeast are sweeping the smoke into Alabama.

The fire has burned 80,000 acres in the Okefenokee swamp and surrounding forest in southeast georgia's ware county. The blaze started April 16 when a tree fell on a power line.

Here in Alabama, Wiregrass residents have been dealing with the smoke for a couple of weeks. But now smoky skies are prevalent throughout most of the state.

In Birmingham, which has more than its share of pollutants normally, there's an air quality alert. People with respiratory ailments are advised to stay indoors when possible.