Covering Conecuh County: New Courthouse Open

A few years ago, amid much controversy the Conecuh County Courthouse was torn down. The new building cost $6.5 million dollars to complete. This weekend the community has a chance to see the inside of the new building for the first time.

The brand new Conecuh County Government Center is now open for business. It features all the modern conveniences the old building didn't have. All county business, like drivers license issuance and paying property taxes can be taken care of one the first floor; with court business on the second floor. There are also security measures in place that weren't in the old courthouse, such as metal detectors.  The county commission used to meet at a small round table with five chairs, now they have a big meeting room with a podium and lots of room an audience of concerned citizens.

Officials say the old building would have cost about $10 million to repair.   The new government center was paid for with an increase in court costs and lodging taxes.  The public is invited to go inside the building for the first time this weekend.