The Advantages of Mulberry Diagnostic Imaging Clinic

Mulberry Diagnostic Imaging is a complete free-standing outpatient diagnostic imaging facility.

To schedule just call


, or toll-free



Benefits of Utilizing Mulberry

  1. High quality
  2. Competitive costs
  3. Insurance pays for services
  4. One-stop patient convenience with no waiting
  5. Courier service twice a day for pickup and delivery of films and reports
  6. Registered technologists in ALL disciplines
  7. Ease of scheduling multiple tests

Patient Conveniences:

Mulberry is designed to provide quality diagnostic testing in a convenient and comfortable

  • Friendly and comfortable surroundings
  • Conscientious care and staff
  • Easy parking with drive-up to door convenience (free)
  • Reports called, faxed or delivered in two to six working hours
  • One bill in most cases (patient is no longer confused by separate bills with technical and interpretation charges)
  • The center will file insurance claims (many insurance companies pay a greater percentage of the cost of diagnostic procedures done on outpatient basis)
  • All diagnostic testing done at one convenient location
  • Patients monitored to ensure total customer satisfaction

Credit Policy
We will file insurance for all patients.  We would appreciate insurance information or payment
at time of service, but it this is not possible, we will gladly work up responsible payment
arrangements with your patients.

One Bill
Patients normally receive one bill for services.  This bill includes both the technical and  
physician interpretation charges.

STAT Reports
These reports will be called to the office as soon as possible, following completion of the

Faxed Reports
Let our office know your fax number and we will fax all your reports, normal and abnormal.