Enterprise Students Speak Out About Tragedy

Friday marks three months to the day of when the deadly tornado tore through Enterprise High School.

In just three months the students there have made to mature quicker than other teenagers. They learned that bad things happen, you lose people you love, and you can always look forward to a better day.

We caught up with two student leaders to learn more about how the class of 2007 is finding its way out of the storm.

Sarah Carroll and Megan Parks were sitting in the 3rd hall of Enterprise High School just minutes before the tornado struck, but they left school early that day just before the storm made a direct hit on the 3rd Hall. 8 of their classmaters in the hall weren't as lucky.

"You do have feelings of grief walking through the hallways... but it's good closure to see the school," said Parks.

School leaders have allowed small groups of students to come back into the school building to help with closure. That's also why graduation will take place in "the Hole," the damaged football stadium where generations of Enterprise graduates have received their diplomas.

"We love to keep tradition, doing something close to normal, it's a great feeling," said Carroll.

Both Sarah and Megan expect an emotional graduation... as an entire community celebrates what the closs of '07 has overcome.

"It's the first taste of what life can throw at you, start becoming an adult," said Parks.

As the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance" fills the air at the stadium all around will be signs of the devastation that brought sadness and tears, but also strength, courage and leadership.

"They will remember us as great leaders," said Carroll.