EHS Principal Speaks About Loss of Students

Thursday marks a major milestone for Enterprise, the school, and its students. Graduating in "the Hole" as it's called. This is tradition, and this year it's also healing.

Something Enterprise Principal Rick Rainer is experiencing and seeing one day at a time.

"That was one of my happiest days, it healed me. to say, 'you're graduating in the hole,'" said Rainer.

"The Hole" is Enterprise High School's football stadium. It's still surrounded by signs of devastating destruction of the March 1st tornado.

Rainer says it's still hard to walk around the School.

Almost three months have passed since an F-4 tornado made a direct hit on Enterprise High School killing 8 students.

"The outside wall exploded... the roof went up then cam straight back in," said Rainer.

Rainer was just 20 feet away from the 3rd hallway, where all the students were killed.

"I got up, and within a minute I knew we had at least on fatality," said Rainer.

That number grew to eight. What would be considered graffiti in other places is a wall of healing on what's left of Enterprise High School's 3rd hall. Simple notes expressing hope.

"We're all different emotionally. My daughter didn't sleep last night... her best friend did right here. It's a roller coaster," said Rainer.

Prayer and faith serve as the centerpiece of the healing process here.

"We've lived off prayer and hugs and will for some time," said Rainer.

Now it's time to say goodbye again. This time to a class of seniors who have passed a test much tougher than any course you'll find.

"I'm going to hate to see these seniors go," said Rainer.

Rainer said he's developed a strong bond with this senior class.