Focusing on Lyman Ward Military Academy's Future

The future of one of Aalabama's premiere educational institutions is uncertain.

Lyman Ward Military Academy is in debt and needs more students.

It was on the verge of closing in May, but trustees voted to give it one more year.

It's rich with tradition and history, having been around for 109 years.

The school is for boys in grades 6 through 12 with its focus on discipline and mentoring.

It helps many young men find their way. On students says, "Lyman Ward really helped my with my grades, and just my overall bearing. I became a more outgoing person."

A concerned parent says," I believe strongly in the way they educate our young men. My son was here for five years, and had a very good time here. It was difficult, but it was worth all the effort that we put into it."

Since LWMA is the only academy of its kind in Alabama, many people including parents want it to remain open.

Currently, only 70 students are currently enrolled at the school.

It needs at least 160 students to meet its financial obligations.

Watch the video extra to hear from Col. Bill Jenrette, the President of LWMA on some of the following issues:

1. What must be done to turn the school around?

2. What is the mission statement for lyman ward.. How do you hope to shape the young lives put into your care?

3. Marion institute is going under the junior college system. Is this something Lyman Ward has considered?

If you would like more information on Lyman Ward Military Academy just click on this link,or call for more information at 1-800-798-9151