Alabama Department of Corrections

We are continuously recruiting qualified individuals to join our organization. The Department of Corrections is the largest law enforcement agency in the State of Alabama with more than 2,600 Correctional Officers and 1,000 non-uniformed support personnel, managing an inmate population exceeding 27,000.

ADOC is taking steps to increase the effectiveness of our recruiting and hiring process, thus acquiring the most desirable candidates while supplying ample job opportunities. The Department is pleased that you have expressed an interest in a Corrections career. Throughout our comprehensive recruiting and training process, individuals who possess a strong moral character, professionalism, honesty and integrity will most certainly succeed, with numerous opportunities for growth and advancement to supervisory or administrative positions.

Benefits with Alabama Department of Corrections

Benefits for state employees include: 13 annual and 13 sick leave days per year, 12 paid holidays per year, 1 personal leave day per year, paid health and dental insurance with dependent coverage available, 21 military leave days per year along with potential credit for up to 4 years active duty military service counted toward an excellent state retirement program, deferred compensation plans, survivor's benefit payment after one year of service in the sum of one year's annual salary, longevity bonus each year after five years of service, state employees credit union available, jury leave and annual merit raises based on appraisal score.

Remember, you can defend the homeland without leaving home. Come join our team by calling the ADOC Hotline Connection at 1-866-293-7799.