Tonya Tours Alabama: Live Oak Cemetery in Selma

The boom of the cannons, the charge of the troops!

It's a live action history lesson and a walking, talking, explosive reminder of the Civil War's Battle of Selma.

This is the scene every year as re-enactors bring Selma's past to life.

Visitors pause to reflect on the many lives lost in battle.

Many of those Confederate soldiers are buried here in the Live Oaks Cemetery.

A large monument marks the newer part of the cemetery. It was erected in the late 1800's and more than a hundred Civil War soldiers were reburied here in Selma.

Lauri Cothran of the Selma Chamber of Commerce calls the cemetery a beautiful place. It's on the National Historic Register and is the steroetypical southern cemetary with Spanish Moss brought from Mobile.

It's one of the most popular spots for tourists year after year.

They come to see the elaborate gravesites, read the stories, and visit loved ones.

Loved ones who picked up their weapons marched side by side with their fellow soldiers. They fought and died here, their blood spilled on this same battlefield.

And the fallen rest here in what is most of the time a quiet serene setting.

That is until the scavenger hunt!

Cothran says, "What they're looking for is facts. They're not looking for a pine cone or a leaf."

They try to find the resting places of people like Benjamin Sterling Turner, who was Alabama's first black senator.

With its beautiful location, sprawling trees, and walking trails this looks more like a park than a cemetery.

It's not a scary place at all.

So visit and learn more about Selma's history from the Civil War to Civil Rights!

Reporting from the Historic District in Selma with Broadview Media, I'm Tonya Terry touring Alabama!