It's The Talk Of The River Region

From Montgomery city hall to the roundabout.

"Wow!." said Mayor Bobby Bright

"It's ridiculous," Carlos Hill added.

And miles away at a Prattville fitness center.

"I was surprised," said Garner Clark.

Reactions from the fight that's still carrying the weight of reality; two grown men, both veteran politicians lost their cool.  For all the world to see Senator Charles Bishop struck Senator Lowell Barron in the face because Barron allegedly called Bishop a dirty name.

Perhaps no one is more stunned than Dan Ripps and his 18-year old son Adam. They're visiting Montgomery from Irvine, California. They were not in the Alabama senate but rather in the house chambers when suddenly there was a buzz about a fight.

"Lobbyists came in and said Bishop struck Barrow in the face, and everybody was saying 'oh, my god!' said Adam Ripps.

This is the very thing city leaders feared would happen; the dirty side of Alabama politics going global.

"It's not funny." Mayor Bright said.

But Dan and Adam Ripps say at least for them this doesn't change their positive view of Alabama, but they've come up with a proposal for lawmakers; shape up.

"They need to be careful about the impression they leave on young people," said Dan Ripps.

The legislative session is over. Lawmakers have gone home. No more name calling, no more punches, but there may be a change of heart from Senator Bishop. He says he'll apologize if Senator Barron apologizes first for calling him a bad name.

"I'm a minister of a Baptist church. You need to forgive and apologize because your temper will get the best of you and get out of control," said Clark.

Plenty of time though for those tempers to cool down. The legislature doesn't meet again for another 8 months.

The senate's complaint about the punch is now in the hands of the Senate's ethics committee.