Day 6 at the Olympics

(Salt Lake City-AP) -- Bode Miller didn't feel the pressure while skiing to a silver medal, but a French figure skating judge apparently did in Monday night's pairs competition. The U-S medal count grew at the 19th Winter Games on Wednesday, and so did the latest controversy in figure skating.


The head of the French Olympic team admits a French figure skating judge was pressured to "act in a certain way" before she voted to give the pairs' gold to the Russians Monday night. However, Didier Gailhaguet denied any wrongdoing on the part of the French skating federation. This comes after the International Olympic Committee told the figure skating union to settle the ugly judging dispute that has consumed the Winter Games for the past two days. Questions of improper judging have centered on Marie-Reine Le Gougne, one of five judges who favored the Russians despite the couple's obvious technical error. The Russian pair of Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze edged Canada's Jamie Sale and David Pelletier in the free skate.


Bode Miller flew down the mountain in his second slalom run to capture a silver medal in the men's combined. It's the first-ever American medal in the event and snaps an eight-year medal drought for the U-S men's ski team. Miller was 15th after nearly wiping out in the morning downhill but made his second slalom run in 49-point-73 seconds -- the only skier inside 50 seconds. Norway's Kjetil Andre Aamodt won the gold and Austria's Benjamin Raich won the bronze. It was Aamodt's sixth Olympic medal.


Seattle's Apolo Anton Ohno is among the Americans qualifying for the 1000-meter short-track quarterfinals. But he was overshadowed by teammate Rusty Smith who set an Olympic record with a time of one minute, 28-point-183 seconds. The medals will be awarded Saturday night. Ohno also led the American team into the finals of the 5000-meter relay final. South Korea's Ko Gi-hyun took the gold in the women's 15-hundred meters short-track skating ahead of teammate Choi Eun-kyung who set a world record in the semifinals. Evgenia Radanova of Bulgaria took the bronze. Amy Peterson, who carried the American flag in the opening ceremony, didn't make it past the semi's.


Americans are out of medal contention in the women's 500-meters. Canada's Catriona Le May Doan set an Olympic record in her first race. They'll award medals Thursday night.


Defending champion Ole Einar Bjoerndalen of Norway captured his second gold medal of the Salt Lake City Games winning the ten-kilometer sprint biathlon. Germany's Sven Fischer won the silver and Wolfgang Perner of Austria took the bronze. Bjoerndalen had already won the 20-kilometer event. Jeremy Teela had the best American finish at 20th. Germany's Kati Wilhelm won the gold medal in the women's seven and a-half kilometer sprint.


The United States women's team is off until Thursday, when it faces China. The strong Canadian women's team routed Russia 7-0. And Sweden trounced Kazakhstan 7-to-0. In men's preliminary games Switzerland beat Belarus 2-to-1 and Ukraine defeated France 4-to-2. The U-S men's team opens play Friday against Finland.


Canada handed the U-S women's curling team its first defeat 6-to-4. The Canadians remain undefeated after scoring two in the tenth end. The U-S men's team lost to Germany 9-to-8 in extra ends and then fell 6-5 to Norway.

LUGE It's a German sweep in women's luge. Two-time defending World Champion Sylke Otto wins the gold. Barbara Niedernhuber got the silver and Silke Kraushaar won the bronze. American Becky Wilczak finished fifth. Germany now leads the medal standings with 12 including four gold.


Switzerland's Simon Ammann grabbed the gold in the 120-meter ski jump. Ammann, who also won the 90-meter jump, became the first person to win two golds at these games. American Alan Alborn finished 34th.