Editorial: Feedback

You had plenty to say regarding our last editorial on unfinished business by the legislature. It was certainly helped along by the unfortunate incident on the last day of the session that brought national shame - which is a shame - because we do live in a progressive state that is growing, with people who are more reasoned in settling differences.

Gayle Claire emailed: "I am ashamed of the Alabama Senate for their lack of work during the session just closed. The sight on local and national news of members of the Senate in a vulgar word exchange and the punching contest dropped Alabama even further toward the bottom of the respect heap....How can (we) encourage our children to grow up as responsible citizens when our ELECTED leaders display such uncivilized language and behavior."

And Thomas Bracewell from Enterprise emailed: "If we had employees that worked in our businesses or firms that did as little as they do we would fire them on the spot... We need some dedicated candidates who have the people and state at interest above all else to be elected to all offices next term."

Please keep your feedback coming and we welcome your editorial suggestions.