Fire Officials Urge You to Use Caution During Drought - Montgomery Alabama news.

Fire Officials Urge You to Use Caution During Drought

Every year the city of Montgomery puts a lot of time and effort into its Fourth of July celebration. "I'm not real concerned about the fireworks," says Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright.

Bright says, despite the drought, the show will go on. "I don't think we've got a real serious concern there because fireworks are isolated to one small location. They go straight up and pretty much straight back down," says Bright.

The city hires professionals for its fireworks show. State Fire Marshal Ed Paulk cautions it's a lot different than your neighborhood display. He says,"These are not consumer fireworks."

The state forester has restricted the use of fireworks in 33 Alabama Counties under an extreme drought. Paulk says it isn't just fireworks that are dangerous. Bar-b-que grills, cigarettes, anything that could start a fire all pose a risk.

Whether it's firing off or firing up, Paulk says use common sense to keep your fun from going up in smoke. "We want everyone to have a good save holiday season," he says.

If you live in an area where fireworks are allowed, Paulk urges you to still use caution. He says use a water hose to wet the ground. Remember it's against the law to shoot fireworks within 600 feet of a building. If your caught violating the drought emergency regulation, Paulk says you could face up to a $500 and six months in jail. The drought regulation does not ban the sell of fireworks in the 33 counties, it just restricts the use.

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