Opp Accident Victim Dies

It all happened in a flash.

A van carrying five teenagers from West Virginia collided with a car last Sunday night, killing one of the boys instantly.

Three of the teens made it out okay.  For Bobby Gleason, however, the outlook wasn't good.

The 18 year old suffered massive injuries and was listed in critical condition in Dothan. He was even taken off a respirator.  All hope was lost until Tuesday, when Gleason opened his eyes and squeezed his mother's hand.

"We're going to see a miracle.  That's how I feel," Melanie Gleason said earlier this week.

On Thursday, Bobby arrived home to West Virginia, still in critical condition, but in much better shape than before.

And then, on Friday night, after staying at Saint Mary's Medical Center in Huntington, West Virginia, Bobby died.  His parents were shocked after almost losing their son once already.

"It's been quite the roller coaster ride...," said Bob Gleason, Bobby's father.

This is a terrible end to a tragic tale that left yet another family without a son.  Both parents stressed that they are thankful for the thoughts and prayers of everyone that helped them through this past week, and they say that Bobby's legacy will live on.