Opp Passes Sales Tax Increase

The council members quickly made a decision Monday night.   They approved a motion to raise the city's sales tax from 8% to 9%.   That increase should generate an additional 10 million dollars to build a new elementary school, an idea the mayor strongly supports.

"Well, we're just ecstatic that we were able to get this one cent sales tax passed for education," he said.

Others were not so keen on the idea.  Earl Shear has lived in Opp all his life, and he worries that the new tax is no good, considering the town's poor financial situation.

"A lot of these old people live on 400 or 500 dollars a month, and try to live off of that while trying to pay house rent, trying to buy groceries, and buying medicine," Shear said.

However, the support for the measure greatly outweighed those opposed.

The increase, which passed 4 to 1, and will go into effect this August.

Opp's mayor says the new elementary school should be up in running for the 2009 school year.