Tonya Tours Alabama: Sturdivant Hall in Selma

Sturdivant Hall in Selma
Sturdivant Hall in Selma

It's quite a sight, and it has quite a story behind it.

Sturdivant Hall is a museum in Selma, Alabama that boasts some of the most beautiful antiques you'll find anywhere.

It's named after Robert Daniel Sturdivant who donated several of the pieces that adorn the lovely historic home and even some of the money used to restore it to its former glory.

There are some interesting pieces here like a beautiful antique clock that dates back to the early 1700's.

Museum director Carol Henry explains the age of the clock saying, "We know that because whenever clock makers would work on clocks they would etch their initials and a date on the back of the clock and it would serve as the family's receipt. The first repair on the clock was in 1702"

The stories abound throughout the house.

Each room opens up a new chapter in Selma history.

Just a walk through the intricatly decorated rooms, like that of the children's room, takes you back to the time when kids would have played slept and grew up here.

Henry says she has some favorites rooms but each addition to the museum is so special and adds so much.

"Every time I walk into a room I start to say this is my favorite and then I realize I've already said that. How many favorites can you really have?"

There are even claims that an apparition lives here the Sturdivant home.

In fact some people come to the museum just to hear more about him.

John Parkman was the 2nd owner of the Sturdivant home and he was killed back in 1866, but some people say he can still be seen and heard to this day.

But ghost stories aside you won't find a much more spectacular Southern home with amazing architecture and a lovely antique rose garden that hosts lots of weddings

There is even a lovely coy pond out back.

So whether you love to see turn of the century architecture, lovely antiques, or even ghosts Sturdivant Hall may be perfect for your next Alabama outing.

In selma, with Broadview Media, I'm Tonya Terry touring Alabama.