Elmore County Woman Says Pet Dog Predicts Weather

Say hello to Maggie Ann. Shivering from head to paw, Maggie Ann is Kathleen Parsons' weather dog and she's not kidding.

"It can be any bad weather; tornado, hurricane, whatever comes, she picks it up," said Parsons.

It's been said that animals have an innate sense of impending danger. Maggie Ann is 5 years old and she's a mixed breed with a little Jack Russell in her and this 10-pounder is no exception. According to Parsons, when Maggie Ann puts her nose in the air, look for the shakes. When that happens, watch out.

"We're in for it. It may not be here. It may be in Montgomery, Wetumpka or somewhere else. She knows bad weather is around," Parsons said.

Bad weather was really all around in front of Maggie Ann's home at Emerald Mountain. The distant roar of thunder made her even more nervous.

"She's gettin' more nervous," Parsons said.

Now you wonder.. how in the world did Kathleen Parsons know her little puppy dog could do this? Well, the revelation was like a bolt of lightening.. literally.

"She was outside one day when lightening hit a tree beside her and she's been like that ever since," Parsons said.

Still panting, still shaking as the rains pour on this Tuesday morning, but still the same dog Parsons has always known. Parsons knows there are skeptics but dog-gone it:

"I have the dog. I see her in Milton's lap and reacts when bad weather is approaching," she said.

So when the skies darken, what does Maggie Ann do? She heads straight to one of the three hiding places in the house and doesn't come out until there's an all clear signal in the air.