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Editorial: Fire Fighters

The news of nine firefighters dying in Charleston, South Carolina, shocked us all.

Not since 9-11 have so many firefighters died at one time. Their passing reminds us once again of the sacrifice, and dedication these public servants make right here in central Alabama in order to protect you and me.

Each year in the U-S around 100 firefighters are killed while on duty and tens of thousands are injured. So far this year two have died in Alabama.

You can show your appreciation for what these brave men and women do every day.

First, take proper safety precautions around your home, such as not leaving hot food on the stove, checking your smoke detectors at least twice a year, having a home evacuation plan, making sure cigarettes are completely extinguished and being careful when barbequing.

Another way is to participate in the Public Safety Insurance Fund, which provides free life and accidental death insurance policies for firefighters and other public safety officers.

You can find the information on the Community page at WSFA.com.

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