Lee County Teacher is a Class Act

Marilyn Brown has influenced student lives at Beauregard High School in Lee County for 30 years. Her teaching style has changed during that time, but how well she's prepared students for college has not. 12th grader Lindsey pierce says, "I have friends that said that papers that they made B's on in here, they've made A's on in college, no problem."

Brown's contact with students isn't limited to her AP English and honors English classes. She's involved in a load of extra-curricular activities. "She's done the yearbook, she did the cheerleaders for about 15 years and does student council, had it for 30 years," says principal Richard Brown.

Adds Jeff Nolin, a 12th grader, "Ms. Brown really cares about the students and she likes to put a lot of her effort into extra-curricular activities and she just likes to be there for us."

Brown says working with students outside of the classroom is part of teaching. Last year the student council she sponsors raised $2,500 for the Cancer Research Center in Lee County. "Of course that's an important part of the community and hopefully from doing what we do in student council they'll be able to carry that over into things they'll do for the rest of their life," says Brown.

Back in the fall Brown's students raised $2,000 to help families who lost loved ones on September 11th.