Covering Bullock County: County Courthouse To Get Makeover

The Sun is shining on the Bullock County Courthouse....on Thursday, the US Senate Appropriations Committee approved a $300,000 grant to fix up the place.  On top of that, the state legislature set aside an additional $300,000 for the project.

Ronald Smith, Chairman of the Bullock County Commission, spearheaded efforts to renovate the 133 year-old building, a project he says is much needed and worthy of government grants.

"The roof is leaking, which has caused major problems.   The courthouse is in need of a total overhaul," Smith explained.

Chipped wood and damaged ceilings show only part of the wear and tear of the old building.  A renovation project of such magnitude takes time and planning, both things which Ron Smith and Dr. Julian Cope say the county has spent.

"We're just excited that the plan is moving forward," Dr. Cope said.

The courthouse in Union Springs is rich with history, but the structure is deteriorating, and Mr. Smith says that Bullock County--one of the poorest in the country--needs all the help it can get.

"You have to realize that Bullock County is one of the 4th poorest counties in the United States, and we don't have the tax base that most counties have," Smith explained.

So, with help from state and federal governments, Union Springs will help preserve a landmark that has stood in the town's center for generations.

Reported by: Cody Holyoke