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Why Do Fruits and Vegetables Spoil?

Anna Hamrick makes a fresh salad, but sometimes even some of the best intentions end up getting spoiled.

She says " [I] had real good intentions when I was shopping to eat lots of vegetables and then I find out, oh the zucchini went bad or the lettuce went bad."

So why does good fruit go bad?

Janet Little from Henry's Market says throwing ruined veggies and fruits happens all the time.

In fact, she says, "25 percent of the produce that they purchase gets thrown out the door because it rots."

The problem is how we mix and match our fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

You see, some fruits emit ethylene gas causing veggies to quickly ripen.

You should not put an artichoke and peaches together.

This will release that ethylene gas, this will absorb it, and this will get rotten within just a couple of days.

It's the same reason you don't want to put cantaloupes together with lettuce.

Now you may have an apple and a tomato on the same plate at home, but put em together in the refrigerator and you're asking for trouble.

Most people don't worry about it, which is why one study says we throw away on average 470 pounds of food a year.

Little says, "We just buy everything at the store, we throw it all in the crisper, all together, and those gases are released and it ripens everything and in two days you're throwing it away."

So once you learn the do's and don'ts, they'll be less unpleasant discoveries when you open up the fridge. 

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