Is East Montgomery Seeing An Increase in Crime?

Add them together; a home invasion, burglaries, multiple car break ins, and you might understand why several people on Montgomery's East side are concerned about an increase in crime.

One man in particular experienced it first hand, when he came face to face with an armed burglar two days ago and came away with a busted scalp.

"I was sitting here watching the kids swim and got up to walk," said Steven Kelly.

Wednesday was an off day for Kelly, so he invited two Arrowhead subdivision neighbor kids over to swim with his children.  Then he noticed something.

"There was a man standing there in the living room," he said.

Kelly says that shocked him.

"I was caught by surprise," said Kelly.

It also scared him, too, but not for his own safety.

"When I saw the gun I was more worried about if they got through me, my children were next," he said.

Which is why in the heat of the moment, he went inside to confront the burglar. He didn't know about a second man.

"I grabbed his hand and pushed the gun away from me. About that time I got hit in the head," he explained.

Kelly's case happened the same day burglars startled two other families in their homes on the east side, and even more burglaries have followed. Case in point: Thursday night four people at Aldersgate Church had their cars broken into and thousands taken. So is this just a spike in activity or the start of a trend?

Mayor Bobby Bright has one explanation.

"It's not unusual during the summer months when we have a lot of idle time a lot of young people who are inquisitive and they go out and get involved in activity," Bright said.

Steve Kelly believes you can find crime anywhere. He just thinks it's moving closer to his well off neighborhood because of a simple equation.

"If someone has something that someone else wants...they're going to go where it's at," Kelly said.

At last word, Montgomery Police had no suspects in any of the burglary and assault cases we've mentioned here worse, it appears none of them are linked in any way.

Which means if you add all the numbers together from victim accounts, there are about a dozen suspects still prowling.

Even arts organizations are suffering. Managers from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival filed a police report Friday saying someone had stolen about three thousand dollars in electrical cable from the theatre there.