Snakebit Troy Girl Bounces Back

7-year old Mary Lacy Lusk danced her way to a national title.

"It feels good," said Lusk.

Feels good after winning the crown 2 weeks to the day after a cottonmouth moccasin sank its fangs in her right leg. Swollen and bruised, she could hardly stand. Today, you can hardly tell there was anything wrong.

"They rushed me to the hospital so quickly and gave me medicine," said Lusk.

"What really helped is that she worked hard. She had extensive physical therapy and dance practices," said Mary Lacy's dad Clif Lusk.

Mary Lacy won the title in the Small Fry division with the Dance Educators of America in Knoxville, Tennessee. On stage she showed no affects from the bite, nothing but joy of being in the spotlight.

With the title Mary Lacy brought home a big trophy and memories of what it took to overcome a potentially deadly snakebite.

"It was her determination that got her through," said Clif Lusk.

With the ordeal behind her Mary Lacy Lusk is already looking ahead. No more visits to the woods, all eyes on November. That's when she'll compete in another dance recital, another chance to add another trophy to her showcase at home.

Lusk was bitten in a creek not far from her home and it was a friend who literally carried her some 300 yards to his home where an ambulance was waiting.