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Editorial: 4th of July

We live in a beautiful country blessed with bountiful resources.

Cherish who we are:  free people in a democratic society who value self-reliance, hard work, and taking risks.

Celebrate  our nation's independence by realizing  American citizenship is a privilege.

Guard against moves to limit our freedom of speech.

Appreciate that we need to help make the world more secure to make America more secure.

Push those who want to be our next President to best serve the cause of freedom by perfecting our democracy.   America would lead by example.

We'd build consensus rather than division and polarization.

We'd address our vulnerabilities:  the highest high school drop out rates in the industrialized world;  12 million undocumented immigrants;  one third of African American men spending time in our criminal justice system and more than half of African American children living in single parent homes.

 We'd brighten the beacon of hope for all people.

Let freedom ring!

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