Internet Explorer 6.0 and Cookie Settings

If you have upgraded your Internet Explorer browser to the newest version, 6.0 , you may have received a message when logging on to your Personal Weather web page saying your browser is not allowing "cookies".

The Personal Forecast page sets up a cookie on your PC to remember your email address so that you won't have to log in each time you visit your personal forecast web page.

The standard or default settings for Internet Explorer 6.0 must be changed to accommodate Personal Forecast if you don't want to log in each time you visit your Personal Forecast web page.

To do so, Click on Tools in menu bar of Internet Explorer 6.0. Then select Internet Options... from the menu.

A window should open, Click on the Privacy tab at the top of this window.

In the Privacy section, notice that the bottom section has an area called Web Sites. To override cookie handling for individual Web sites, Click the Edit button.

A second window should open, titled Per Site Privacy Actions.

Enter the Address of Web Site window and Click on the Allow button.

Then Click on the OK button in the Per Site Privacy Actions window.

Click on the OK button in the Internet Options window.

Your Internet Explorer 6.0 browser is now updated to handle cookies for Personal Forecast.

For more information on how Internet Explorer 6.0 gives you control of cookies and personal information, go to this Microsoft web site: Click Here.

For more information on Cookies in general, go to the following site: Click Here.