NFL Player Frank Walker on TIA

It's great to see NFL players give back to the community.  For every negative story you hear about an athlete in trouble with the law, you have a story like this one.   Former Tuskegee star and now NFL player Frank Walker is putting on his 3rd annual football camp in Tuskegee.   It's free and all the kids get a t-shirt.

Frank Walker is one of the good guys.  He's a phenomenal athlete.   You have to be to play in the NFL.   He also plays the position which requires the most athletic ability and that's cornerback.    Having said all that he's still not one of those guys who will have his #41 jersey hanging up at every sports store in town.     He's the type of player who has to fight for his spot on the roster every year, so summer time is the time when he needs to get his body in tip top shape to earn a living.   But for a few days Frank leaves his training area in Atlanta and comes back home to do something for the kids.    On July 10-11th he'll get some of his NFL buddies and teach the kids about football and about life, how to be a man and make good decisions no matter what you do in life.

The next time you see the Green Bay Packers on TV, look for #41, he's one of the good guys and he's making a difference right here in our area.