Tonya Tours Alabama: Ozark Art and Quilts

Right along the edge of Ozark on Highway 231 you'll find four little houses nestled all to themselves.

Step inside the first one and you'll find the cutest little quilt shop.

In the Front Porch Quilt Shoppe there's everything you need to get started on your quilt collection, whether ready-made or one that you'll create yourself.

There are tons of different fabrics, swatches and patterns to choose from.

Owner Melanie Simpson prides herself on making sure there's a little something for everyone.

A lot of the work is computerized and concise.

Melanie says the massive sewing machine makes quilting quick and easy.

All four pastle colored houses were moved to their current locations by members of the Deloney family. Each is over one hundred years old.

Jack Deloney is a homegrown artist and he paints what he knows.

All the works you see were painted by him in a little studio right down a country road from his gallery.

The Jack Deloney Art Gallery has been here for some 18 years, and is a popular spot to stop for art lovers.

Deloney's work hangs in buildings and homes all over the wiregrass, the state, and the country.

And unless they ask for something different, Jack's paintings are of people and places he knows.

Jack remembers the first time he profitted from his painting.

"It was a lady sitting and I submitted it to a water colored competition in Tuskegee...and it won second place," he says.

The subjects range from rugged outdoorsy scenes to delicate florals, a new aspect of Jack's collection.

It can't be easy to watch the paintings walk out the door with the customer.

"When you make your living producing artwork, there comes a time when you have to let them go...It's just a part of the sacrifice," Deloney admits.

Even though Jack's work is on display here, it's a family business.

His sister Becky handles a lot of the day-to-day operations.

From Jack Deloney's imagination to an office building or home near you, this wide-eyed wiregrass artist is just waiting to show you how beautiful your world can be.

In Ozark, with Broadview Media, I'm Tonya Terry touring Alabama.