Text of Letter from Chancellor Byrne to President Kennedy at Bishop State

The following is the text of the letter sent to President Yvonne Kennedy on June 28, 2007 from Chancellor Bradley Byrne.

"Dear President Kennedy:"

"Thank you for your letter of June 27 stating your intent to retire from Bishop State Community College effective July 31, 2007.  I will recommend to the State Board of Education that they accept your retirement and that they name you President Emeritus effective August 1, 2007.  In recognition of your service to the College, we will want to schedule an appropriate event, and I will be in contact with you regarding that.  We will also provide an office to you and access to secretarial assistance for your planned history of the College."

"Going forward, I have appointed a transition team headed by Dr. Jim Lowe and have named this effort "Project Phoenix."  Dr. Lowe, his team and I would like to meet with you and your senior staff this Friday morning at 8 a.m. in your Board Room.  Please confirm this with my office."

"Further, I do hereby place a freeze on all hirings, transfers and promotions at the College beginning immediately and continuing until I give express written notice to the contrary.  I note you have posted a number of vacancies at the College and you are not to fill them."

"Finally, I reiterate my instruction of June 25 that you begin termination proceedings on David Thomas.  If you have not already done so, please initiate these today.  The college attorney, Jeff Miller, is standing by today."

"Bradley R. Byrne